Catz at Torpids 2016 !


Catz did Torpids 2016, and (thanks our strong female and male MCR rowers 😛 ) they did well! Many thanks also have to go to all supporters, and everybody involved in our active boat clubs.


Here’s the report by our men’s captain George:

Catz boat club had a great performance in Torpids 2016, all our crews both men and women went up one place each. For those not familiar with bumps racing, bumps race is a form of rowing race in which a number of boats chase each other in a single file, each crew attempting to catch and “bump” the boat in front without being caught by the boat behind. The starting order of each day’s race is based on the previous day’s results; the first day’s starting order each year is determined by the results on the last day of the previous year. Each day the boats line up bow-to-stern, usually along the bank of the river, with a set distance between each boat (usually about one and a half boat-lengths of clear water).

12823508_951315538293179_4372957376304893688_o Showing some strong Catz spirit: Lisa and Katharine

The results for Catz this year:

In Division 1, our first men’s boat (M1) bumped Trinity on Thursday and rowed over the other days, In Division 4, M2 bumped St Johns II, Univ II and Magdalen II and got bumped by Magdalen II however they went up only 1 place due a penalty bump. Our first women’s boat (W1) bumped Lady Margaret Hall and Worcester but got bumped by Jesus in Division 2 and W2 bumped St Antony’s II and Hertford II but got bumped by Christ Church II in Division 6. These results are very promising for summer eights considering that most squad members are continuing next term and we will possibly have some more returning seniors. We are very excited for Summer 8s and we are hoping to see many JCR and MCR members cheering us on from the bank! Save the date, Summer 8s 2016 25th to 29th of May.


Captain George and MCR star rower William (right)


Women’s first boat heading out on the river


Men’s first boat on their way to bump Trinity