The MCR is led by a group of student volunteers who spend time in addition to their studies to make Catz MCR a great place. All of our work, which includes running and stocking the bar, organising Friday formals, social events and answering your questions is done completely unpaid. As such, if you want to help out on the bar or organise events please contact one of the committee; your help would be most welcome, plus it is a great way to get involved and make new friends!

What is the Committee?

From the Constitution (Article IIIa): “The affairs of the MCR shall be managed by a committee consisting of nine elected Executive Officers, called Executive Officers of the Committee, and a number of additional officers, called Regular Officers of the Committee, who shall be elected or co-opted to fill such vacancies as occur where interest is expressed …”

What Does the Committee Do?

From the Constitution (Article IIIb): “The responsibilities of the MCR Committee shall include implementing all of the MCR resolutions, the management of MCR finances, liaising with other members of the College, its officers and employees for the provision of social activities both in and out of term, representing the interests of MCR members to the College and on College Committees, having a duty to encourage maximum safety and cleanliness in the MCR, although the ultimate responsibility for safety and cleanliness in the MCR resides with the College.”

Executive Officers


Vivek Kothari

Contact »

Hey Catz! I am Mireia, an MPhil Candidate in Law. As MCR Co-President, I work with Vivek and the rest of the committee to make sure Catz MCR is a vibrant community and hopefully a family (away from family). We also serve as point of contact to the college governing body, where we represent the MCR's academic, social and welfare interests. If you have questions or doubts about graduate life at Catz, please feel free to contact either of us. Suggestions are also welcome!

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MCR Secretary

Chloe Colson

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Hi Catz! I’m Chloe, a student reading for a MSc in Mathematical Sciences. As the MCR secretary, I am responsible for communicating to you all college and university-wide notices, which I will do through weekly bulletins. If you ever have anything you would like me to include in the bulletin, please feel free to send me an email. I am also the person to contact for applications for Associate or Honorary membership of the MCR. More broadly speaking, I am your go-to person if you have any queries about the MCR, so please contact me if any questions come up!

Social Secretary

James Ayre

Contact »

Hi! My name is Anya and I am doing an MSc in Latin American studies. I am one of the social secretaries for the MCR. I applied for the position because I am an actively involved in many of the events and would love for them to continue. Through pizza parties, bops and formal events, the social secretaries are continuing to support and encourage the social wellbeing of the students at Catz. I look forward to a g great term.

Social Secretary

Luyao Zheng

Contact »

Hi there! I’m Luyao, a first-year MPhil in International Relations. I will be one of your three social secretaries this year! I’ll be organizing the pizza night, guest dinners and helping with the garden party. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any dietary requirements or any ideas for social events at the MCR. I am also interested in multicultural exchanges among the Catz community. If you are interested in sharing news or fun facts from your culture please get in touch!


Nadine Jawad

Contact »

Hello! I am Nadine and I am from Dearborn, Michigan. I am reading for an MPhil in Comparative Social Policy. As treasurer, I am responsible for the MCR’s financial health. This entails managing the MCR finances, in a responsible and accountable manner, and walking the fine line between financial abundance and overindulgence. If you want to know more about how we spend the moolah, and/or have any input on how we should actually spend it, find me!

IT Officer

Nantas Nardelli

Contact »

Hi! I'm Zaki, a first year Medical Sciences DPhil student. As IT and Publicity officer, I am responsible for maintaining the MCR webpage, various mailing lists and liaise with the college in IT-related matters. So if you want to change anything on the website, advertise your events or just need help with some of the college/MCR computing facilities let me know.

Bar Manager

Eilish Gibson

Contact »

Hello! I’m a 1st year DPhil student in Particle Physics, and I am your Bar Manager. I am responsible for keeping the MCR bar well stocked, and I help the Social Secretaries with events. You’ll see me behind the bar serving people on Fridays. If you have any requests feel free to get in touch!

List of Former MCR Presidents

2018-2019 Nantas Nardeli & Mireia Garcés de Marcilla Musté
2017-2018 Luke Chiverton & Eduardo Chazan & Akshay Dalal
2016-2017 William Beuckelaers & Julian Malisano
2015-2016 Elizabeth Smethurst & Peter Forsyth
2014-2015 Stephanie Oerum & Martin Garthwaite
2013-2014 Linda Geaves & Wojciech Kozlowski
2012-2013 Linda Geaves & Renzo Corrias
2011-2012 Marc Curtis & James Anderson
2010-2011 Christoph Haase & Theresa Kevorkian
2009-2010 Ben Britton & Christina Fuhr
2008-2009 Christina Fuhr, Roham Alvandi (T08) & Ben Britton (M08-H09)
2007-2008 Tomasz Mazur, Amrit Lota (T07-M07) & Trudi Cloyd (M07-H08)
2006-2007 Ralf Schneider & Michael Pekris
2005-2006 Christian Toennesen & Mathias Rufino
2004-2005 Avital Livny & Lauren McGuirl
2003-2004 David Wahl
2002-2003 Tom Finbow
2001-2002 Will Mullholland
2000-2001 Edmund Neil (T00-M00) & Dev Gangjee (H01)

Regular Officers

Bar Officer

Giovanna Granata

Bar Officer

Kirubin Pillay

Bar Officer

Andrew Wiseman

Bar Officer

Federico Zilic de Arcos

Bar Officer

Ikuya Aizawa

Welfare Officer (Men)

Ikuya Aizawa

Welfare Officer (Women)


Sports Officer

Daniel Gregory

Merchandise Officer

Ilayda Karadag

Catz House Rep

Eugenia Tang

LGBTQIA+ Officer

Kan Li

BME Officer

Sourav Kalra

Environment Officer

Thulaja Vasudhevan


Kaya Masler

4th year Rep


Tea and Biscuits Officer

Carina Rampelt & Eilish Gibson

Academic Officer

Wolfgang Stockinger

Official documents

MCR Handbook

The handbook is a complete guide to graduate life at St. Catherine’s College.
MCR Handbook (2015 v.)

MCR Executive Handbook

This handbook is a resource on matters relating to the running of the Common Room and it’s relation to the College as a whole. However, the Constitution and related documents are the ultimate governing documents for the MCR and should be referred to in the first instance.
MCR Executive Handbook (2010 v.)


The Constitution is the main document laying out the rights and duties of MCR members and the MCR Committee within the common room. It includes sections on membership, the committee, Open Meetings and all other information pertaining to democratic life in the MCR.
MCR Constitution (Jul 2015)

The Roles of College Advisors and Advisees

This document describes the principal responsibilities for college advisors and advisees.
College Advisors and Advisees

Guest Dinner Sign Up Rules

A summary of information about the weekly Guest Dinner can be found on the Guest Dinner page. This document formally states the rules regarding sign up for reference of MCR members.
Guest Dinner Rules

Graduate Academic Absence Sheet

The College will consider applications for a rebate of the nightly charge for graduates resident in College for periods spent attending conferences or on field research during the Christmas and Easter vacations. It should be returned to
Graduate Academic Absence Sheet

Minutes of Open Meetings

Open meetings are the place where MCR members can express their opinion on, and determine the future running of, the MCR. The minutes are the summary of these meetings including major decisions.

Minutes of 09/06/2019 : Open Meeting 09 June 2019
Minutes of 12/05/2019 : Open Meeting 12 May 2019
Minutes of 17/02/2019 : Open Meeting 17 February 2019
Minutes of 04/11/2018 : Open Meeting 4 November 2018
Minutes of 11/02/2018 : Open Meeting 11 February 2018
Minutes of 15/10/2017 : Open Meeting 15 October 2017
Minutes of 07/05/2017 : Open Meeting 07 May 2017
Minutes of 12/02/2017 : Open Meeting 12 February 2017
Minutes of 12/06/2016 : Open Meeting 12 June 2016
Minutes of 08/05/2016 : Open Meeting 08 May 2016
Minutes of 07/02/2016 : Open Meeting 07 February 2016
Minutes of 24/01/2016 : Open Meeting 24 January 2016
Minutes of 22/11/2015 : Open Meeting 22 November 2015
Minutes of 08/11/2015 : Open Meeting 08 November 2015
Minutes of 18/10/2015 : Open Meeting 18 October 2015
Minutes of 10/05/2015 : Open Meeting 10 May 2015
Minutes of 22/02/2015 : Open Meeting 22 February 2015
Minutes of 15/02/2015 : Open Meeting 15 February 2015
Minutes of 08/02/2015 : Open Meeting 8 February 2015
Minutes of 23/11/2014 : Open Meeting 23 November 2014
Minutes of 09/11/2014 : Open Meeting 9 November 2014
Minutes of 26/10/2014 : Open Meeting 26 October 2014
Minutes of 12/10/2014 : Open Meeting 12 October 2014
Minutes of 01/06/2014 : Open Meeting 1 June 2014
Minutes of 25/05/2014 : Open Meeting 25 May 2014
Minutes of 04/05/2014 : Open Meeting 4 May 2014
Minutes of 27/04/2014 : Minutes Open Meeting 27th April 2014
Minutes of 16/02/2014 : Open Meeting 16 February 2014
Minutes of 13/10/2013 : Open Meeting 13 October 2013
Minutes of 28/04/2013 : Open Meeting 28 April 2013
Minutes of 10/02/2013 : Open Meeting 10 February 2013
Minutes of 03/06/2012 : Open Meeting 3 June 2012
Minutes of 29/05/2011 : Open Meeting 29 May 2011
Minutes of 27/02/2011 : Open Meeting 27 February 2011
Minutes of 13/02/2011 : Open Meeting 13 February 2011
Minutes of 23/01/2011 : Open Meeting 23 January 2011
Minutes of 17/10/2010 : Open Meeting 17 October 2010
Minutes of 02/05/2010 : Open Meeting 2 May 2010
Minutes of 18/10/2009 : Open Meeting 18 October 2009
Minutes of 25/01/2009 : Open Meeting 25 January 2009
Minutes of 19/10/2008 : Open Meeting 19 October 2008
Minutes of 28/10/2007 : Open Meeting 28 October 2007
Minutes of 02/06/2007 : Open Meeting 02 June 2007
Minutes of 07/05/2006 : Open Meeting 07 May 2006
Minutes of 22/01/2006 : Open Meeting 22 January 2006
Minutes of 08/05/2005 : Open Meeting 08 May 2005
Minutes of 06/02/2005 : Open Meeting 06 February 2005
Minutes of 21/11/2004 : Open Meeting 21 November 2004
Minutes of 30/11/2003 : Open Meeting 30 November 2003
Minutes of 12/05/2003 : Open Meeting 12 May 2003

Associate Members

Associate Members shall be:

  • Former Ordinary Members who are approved for associate membership by the MCR Committee.
  • Persons other than students of the University of Oxford who are:
    1. Engaged in study or research in Oxford, typically but not exclusively at an institution associated with the University of Oxford;
    2. Considered to have equivalent status to that of a Senior Student as defined in the Examination Regulations; and
    3. Approved for associate membership by a majority of members at an Open Meeting voting on a written recommendation by the MCR Committee. Such a recommendation must have been made in consultation with the Tutor for Graduates in the period since the last Open Meeting.
  • Persons holding the position of Lector within the College.

In the case of i. and ii., the membership of an Associate Member shall be from the date of approval until the end of that academic year and shall be renewable each year thereafter for a total period of not more than four years.

Procedure for obtaining MCR associate member status

Contact a MCR Co-President to register your interest in becoming an associate member of St Catherine’s College MCR. They will be able to assist you with any enquiry you may have about the MCR and the benefits of being associated.

  • You will need to email a brief introduction about yourself and your reasons for wanting to become associated with the MCR to the MCR Secretary. This will be sent around to the current MCR Executive Committee who will vote on your membership.
  • If you have not been an ordinary member of the MCR before, this introduction will also be emailed to the Tutor for Graduates at St Catz who will also have to agree to your associate status. The MCR Committee will then arrange for a vote on your associate member status at an MCR open meeting.
  • If you are accepted to be an MCR associate member, there is a subscription of 2.067% of the graduate college fee per annum. If the duration of your membership is for six calendar months or less, your membership fee will be adjusted to reflect this. You will be provided with details of the MCR bank account in order to make your payment, though alternative arrangements can also be made.
  • To gain access to the MCR you will need a swipe card. This is usually your bod card and those without a bod card may be given an internally produced card. Once accepted, you will be provided with details of how to arrange this.
  • The sign-up process for Guest Dinners is the same as for ordinary MCR members. Please always ensure that once you sign up that there are sufficient funds on your UPay account.