How does it all end? Syria, Iraq and Kurdistan – Ambassador Peter Galbraith lecture, April 25th.

Ambassador Peter Galbraith (Catz, PPE 1973) has had a key role as a US diplomat in Foreign Affairs and gave an engaging talk to a nearly full Bernard Sunley Lecture theatre at Catz today. As a medical student, with a former life as a chemist, who had no huge interest in politics until Brexit, I am probably the least qualified … Read more →

Catz Exchange 2016


This year’s Catz Exchange, an intra-college conference now in its fourth iteration, was a resounding success. The brainchild of College Tutor Bart van Es, the main organisers this year’s Catz Exchange were Serkan Birgel (DPhil Geography), Matthew Fisher (DPhil Inorganic Chemistry), Elizabeth Smethurst (DPhil Oncology), and supported by Jerome Mayaud (DPhil Geography).

After an initial … Read more →