Catz MCR Music Night!

The music house was the place to be on the evening of 9 November! The tremendous talent of our MCR was admirably showcased in a vibrant, eclectic, and intimate concert. Francois Ada opened the show with a medley of cool tunes, impressing everyone with his seemingly effortless vocal and guitar skills. Next, lovers of classical music (like me!) relished the three … Read more →

Nosing around Brasenose

Summer has arrived when you see a raspberry merrily fizzing at the bottom of your prosecco glass.

On Tuesday Brasenose played host to 15 Catz MCR members, treating us to a bubbly reception and a four-course dinner in their candle-lit medieval kitchen, tucked away round the corner from the main Hall. One dessert is not enough at David Cameron’s … Read more →