Catz MCR Musical Concert Rigmarol

Text and photographs by Naomi Poltier Mutal

The MCR Catz Musical Concert Rigmarol saw an array of talented musicians parade their skills. From a Britney Spears cover to a trumpet memorial song, we had all kinds of music reverberating in the Bernard Sunley building for our ears to feast on!

First up was John, taking the stage with his cello, and performing … Read more →

Nosing around Brasenose

Summer has arrived when you see a raspberry merrily fizzing at the bottom of your prosecco glass.

On Tuesday Brasenose played host to 15 Catz MCR members, treating us to a bubbly reception and a four-course dinner in their candle-lit medieval kitchen, tucked away round the corner from the main Hall. One dessert is not enough at David Cameron’s … Read more →