Catz Graduate Symposium, May 3rd

Wow, what a night! Being in my first year at Catz, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but the Catz Graduate Symposium showed me that our MCR members are pretty awesome, and this annual event is a well deserved celebration of that. Ben Abraham explaining the poltical implications of climate change to us

The symposium talks showed off the diversity Catz MCR has to offer the world, with the topics jumping from cancer research, to computers learning to lip read via Boko Haram, single particle tracking and climate change. The talks were followed by a very busy drinks session, around a beautiful set of posters from more MCR members, before our Tutor of Graduates Ashok hosted 200 of us for a delicious dinner. Joon Son Chung giving his award winning talk

The prize for the Best Talk went to Joon Son Chung. Yosef Singer won the Best Poster prize, with Yichen Dai coming second. The dinner rolled out into the MCR and JCR bars to carry on the merry times. If you read this and did not attend, make a note in your Calendar for Trinity Term 2018 and make sure you don’t miss the next Graduate Night!