Catz MCR Music Night!

The music house was the place to be on the evening of 9 November! The tremendous talent of our MCR was admirably showcased in a vibrant, eclectic, and intimate concert. Francois Ada opened the show with a medley of cool tunes, impressing everyone with his seemingly effortless vocal and guitar skills. Next, lovers of classical music (like me!) relished the three cello pieces played to perfection by Emily Rayner and John Kenny.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Nat Smith and Daniel Gregory—who not only delivered spectacular performances themselves—but also assisted other musicians. Thus Nat regaled and delighted the audience by singing and playing the guitar, and then played the piano when Mike Sole amazed us all with his rendition of two soul/blues hits. Likewise, Daniel’s versatility was on display as he played the vibraphone himself, and drummed to accompany Nat and Naomi Poltier. The latter, who sang and played guitar, treated us to her own *original* songs!

Lastly, we cannot forget the two powerful electric guitar numbers by Josh Abey, and the selection of jubilant melodies played on a trumpet by Ikuya Aizawa. I’ve heard a rumour that some of these talented Catz musicians are thinking of forming a band, and am not at all surprised!

Special thanks to John Kenny for organising the Catz MCR Music Night, and for supplying the photos together with Ikuya Aizawa!