Catz MCR Musical Concert Rigmarol

Text and photographs by Naomi Poltier Mutal

The MCR Catz Musical Concert Rigmarol saw an array of talented musicians parade their skills. From a Britney Spears cover to a trumpet memorial song, we had all kinds of music reverberating in the Bernard Sunley building for our ears to feast on!

First up was John, taking the stage with his cello, and performing 3 songs which were all executed with brilliance and exactitude reminding us of the wonders of the not-so-often heard cello!

I then ventured to the stage and took to the piano and then to the guitar to do songs I’d written. Followed by the sweet sweet sound of the electric guitar played by Josh Abbey as he serenaded us with two quirky songs, the second of which was Britney Spear’s Toxic, in which he managed to beat Britney Spears hands down at it.

Francois then managed to serenade us in both English and French from the piano followed by Serkan and Dan who gave us a snazzy vibraphone and guitar jam. As our only new performer, Serkan rocked it.

Ikuya’s trumpet then took to the stage and filled the entire room with sound so that it felt like it was more than just one of him stood on the stage. He mixed it up by starting with a cheery song and then taking us down to a more reflective song and it was beautiful.

After which Mike, François and I attempted to redefine the meaning of the word ‘halo’ by singing it in choruses and mashing up Beyoncé’s Halo with Adele’s Someone Like You, giving way to a pretty happily reflective breakup-makeup song.

Last but not least, Dan took us down the trippy corridors of his vibraphone by improvising on two exotic sounding pieces of music: Lost and Found and Earthbreaker. He rounded up the night by providing us with altogether different vibes for us to bathe in, making the Catz music night another night filled with variety!

Again, fantastic to attend and we can’t wait for the summer Trinity term edition! (Spoiler alert: it may be out in the garden with cocktails and last for a lot longer than just an hour).