[Catz MCR News: ] Summer Bulletin

Hi Catz,
I hope everyone has been enjoying the vacation so far. Here are some infos that have landed in the MCR inbox for circulation over the last weeks.
Arne Jacobsen conference celebrating 60 years of living at Catz:
A conference in honor of the architect of our college will be taking place on August 27th onsite. The speakers are people who themselves had a hand in helping design and putting together the facilities that some of us use every day. If you are interested in the story behind the making of St Catherine’s College, see the program with the booking form attached to get a ticket! https://www.catzconferences.com/stay-with-us
Call for participation in MRI research:
Researchers at the Cognitive Computational Neuroscience lab of the Department of Psychiatry are looking for participants for a new MEG project on decision-making! The study would involve one or two visits to OHBA for a MEG scan and a structural MRI scan (if needed), and you would be compensated for your time (£20/hour). We would be particularly keen to recruit anyone having already participated in a MEG study and having had a structural MRI scan as part of this, but do get in touch anyway with Lorenzo Mazzaschi at lorenzo.mazzaschi@psy.ox.ac.uk if you would like to participate!

See official advert attached.

Call for participation in a survey:
A group of recent Oxford graduates and postgraduates working at the University’s Centre for Teaching and Learning is conducting a survey to hear from students and recent alumnus on the academic skills support provided at Oxford. 

The survey could take anywhere between 2 to 5 minutes, and it closes on 14th August 2022.  Upon completion, participants can be entered into a ballot to win one of three £20 book vouchers. You can take part by clicking on the following link:  


As always, please reach out if you have any questions concerning college life, a few committee members are here over summer and happy to help you out!