From serious rowing and rugby at College, University, and even international level, to ballroom dancing and kick-around football games in the parks on weekends – you’ll find our college covers it all! The college has some excellent sporting facilities, including a gym (weights and machines downstairs, cardio upstairs) and squash courts on the main College site plus tennis courts, playing fields, and a rowing boathouse on the river Isis.

Alongside sport and exercise, there is a big music scene at St Catz and our MCR hosts informal concerts every year for you to come and have a go at performing in front of your friends. Our college music room also offers two grand pianos on which to practice and ample space to hold mini productions, see college facilities.

To see which exciting events we have planned for you this term, have a look at our term calendar.

Fresher’s Week 2020

Click here for this year’s Graduate Fresher’s Week Timetable

Catz BOP’s

When it comes to Oxford’s Big Organised Parties (BOP’s), we at Catz are renowned for our spectacular and fun BOP’s in and around our very own MCR. We usually have two BOP’s per year, with recent themes including masquerades, aquatic outfits, 1920’s and much more.

MCR Garden Party

Our annual Garden Party takes place during Trinity Term, and we have seen very successful editions in recent years. Join us for an afternoon of sunshine, barbeque, dancing, croquet, live music, bouncy castles … and lots of other spectacular entertainments!

St Catz MCR Term Card

The termly events can be found in our term calendar