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Training for Michaelmas Term will be on Mondays at 5-7pm at University Club (Starting 10th October).

Membership is needed for the Club with free applications made using your BOD Card here.

Astroturf Boots or Trainers Only (no studs please) Shin Pads optional.





Matches take place on Saturdays (usually about 11am).

Home matches are at St Catherine’s/Trinity Pitches on Marston Road here.

Team sheets and times will be published during the week before matches.


League Table (MCR Division 2)

Team Played Points
St Catherine’s 3 9
Christ Church 2 0
Exeter 4 5
Jesus 3 0
Keble 2 4
Magdalen 4 4
Osler 5 9
Balliol 0 0
OUP 2nd 2 6




Week 1 – Balliol MCR v St Catz MCR: Rescheduled for later in the year due to MATRICULATION.

Week 2 – St Catz MCR v Osler House: WIN 2 – 0

Week 3 – Jesus MCR v St Catz MCR: WIN 0 – 7

Week 4 – Pembroke/Queens v St Catz: WIN 2 – 4

Week 5 – St Catz MCR v Christ Church GCR: Rescheduled for later in the year due to PITCH CLOSURE.

Week 6 – St Catz MCR v St John’s MCR: WIN 3 – 0 (St John’s no show)

Week 7 – St Catz MCR v Exeter MCR WIN: 7 – 0

Week 8 – Saturday 3rd December St Catz MCR v Keble MCR






Contact Us

For more information contact Lucas Bunnet√Ęt and Stephen Pates in the MCR or Join our Facebook Group



Match Reports

Week 2. St Catz v Osler House

Catz MCR football won their first match of the season in a hard-fought battle against Osler House. Newly promoted to Division 2, the 2-0 victory courtesy of goals from Shevket and Casper, gave Catz the perfect start to the season against a team that was playing top division football last year. The defence, with Steve and Nat at centre back and Cole and Simone marauding down both flanks, limited Osler to few good chances, and Jake made valuable saves between the sticks when called upon. Gilad tirelessly anchored the midfield, allowing Casper and the two wingers Steve Proctor and Farrukh free reign to create chances going forward. Shevket was always a menace upfront, assisted by intricate flicks by Serkan and the energetic Dan. Limited to one rolling substitute due to illness, injuries and fresher’s week taking its toll, this was a true team performance. Everyone worked exceptionally hard for the win against a very good side, a promising start with more to come against Jesus MCR this Saturday!


Week 4. St Catz v Pembroke/Queens (Cuppers – The Frozen Edition)

The lads biked down for a cold Cuppers match,
Not a person to be seen.
A pitch in isolation,
it must be, Pembroke-Queen’s
An early corner helped them score from just inside (the box)
Couldn’t keep it out;
Heaven knows we tried.

A stop from Paul,
Serkan runs free
Release the Payet you always want to be.
Concede, don’t feel,
that’s two nil now
and but soon they’ll know.

Run from Cole!, still with Cole!
They can’t hold him back anymore
Through on goal, What a goal!
Fifty yard run maybe more!
No more games if the scoreline stays.
We need another one
…a half time pep-talk from Stephen Pates.

Suddenly Shev finds some distance
with an angle way too small
but shot across the keeper
He levels up the score

Its time to work, can’t sit on two
another attack sees Catz through
A shove on Shev inside the D,

Move the wall, Move the wall
Too close! You can hear Pates cry!
Not too low, Not too low
As it soars into the sky
The keeper stands
as it comes his way.
Top right corner, there’s no save.

A few runs later and Pem-broke are fighting hard.
With Ben and Jake at back with Casper running all around!
Stopping them high Farrukh cuts out another pass.
Simone‘ just too fast an Dan’s letting none past.

One last goal, final goal.
As we net our last of four
Let it go, let it go
As we all unclench as one.
Here we stand
In Cuppers glor-a-y
Bring the next game on!

The cold never bothered us anyway!


Week 7 St Catz v Exeter

7-0 win (Match report to follow)