Garden Party 2016 – you won’t believe what happened – the FULL story


The Garden Party 2016 was a blast of dancing and cupcakes – and earned a MetaCritic score of 103 out of 100.


The full story in photos

The 18th of June 2016 – for some it was the day of saying goodbye to our MCR. After an adventurous year, the Catz Garden Party marks the end of the 3rd trimester at Oxford. While some dissertations are yet to be submitted, many students were already mentally readying themselves for a summer at some place which was likely not going to be Oxford, and in the longer run, readying themselves for a new projects and endeavours all around the globe. Thus, the Executive Committee did their very best to make it a memorable event – and a memorable last day in the MCR Garden surrounded by friendly Catz who hopefully will look back at this past year fondly, having experienced the small but beautiful bubble world that Oxford can be, and having built long-lasting friendships. In the name of the MCR Committee to those who are leaving us now, we can only wish you all the best for all upcoming challenges – and let you know, that 2015/2016 was a truly great year because of you (which should really mean that you were all great).

Now, here’s the FULL story of the Catz Garden party (the END will SURPRISE you).

Part I: Cava and Cupcakes – the beginnings

In the beginning, God created Cava and Cupcakes, and she was very proud of her creation. Then some Catz appeared. Everything looked fine and peaceful.

1 Look at these glasses! They are perfectly aligned. As it would turn out, they were strategically placed to serve drinks to Catz upon their arrival. Nothing was left to chance by the Committee, the plan was bullet-proof.


Some innocent looking cupcakes were the personified invitation to the premises of the MCR.


But also some soft and empathetic balloons caught the eye of the vigilant observer.


Part II: Ceilidh and Cocktails

Having absorbed the energy and love stored in the souls of our little cupcakes (by eating them), soon the Catz couldn’t hold themselves anymore and started dancing.

Dancing in front of the brutalist fortress constructed by archangel Arne


Cupcake souls made this happen, we never forget.


Catz are true Multitaskers: Here we see them dancing and laughing heartily at the same time 🙂 Seriously, I really like this picture.


The only allowed way to spend time without dancing was to drink a cocktail instead. This policy is deeply rooted in the Oxford community since centuries.


Part III: The Return of Reality

But when God created cupcakes she also created the official timetable, which suddenly claimed the Garden Party could not go on forever. Time keeps running, and things tend to end (in a higher entropic state). It’s the stupidest thing ever.

Some of the brightest Catz, discussed how to overcome the seemingly unavoidable fate of the Garden Party coming to an end.


Others just got really drunk and started to shout and swear (… j/k Richard)


But finally, it was decided by the wise women of St Catz that while the end of the Garden Party 2016 was unavoidable, we should remedy for this finiteness by proclaiming the Garden Party to happen in a yearly Infinite Loop.

In plain english, you can expect us to be back in 2017 – just as we expect you to be back by then 🙂 See you there!

All photos can be found with this link.

Pictures were taken by Josephine Barnett-Neefs, the best photographer we ever had (and fellow Catz student of course). Check her out at and!