Graduate Dinner, Scholars’ Talks and Poster Competition

Our annual Catz Graduate Dinner was a hugely successful pairing of all good things: the intellectual with the social, the humanities with the sciences, conversation with wine … and peanut ice cream with chocolate.

2016 saw for the first time a panel of Scholars’ Talks and a Poster Competition. Organised by our Academic Officer, Elizabeth Smethurst, and hosted by the Tutor of Graduates, Ashok Handa, the event saw five scholars present their research, followed by a drinks reception and poster exhibition. Especially at this busy time for everyone in Trinity Term, it was a great opportunity to come together to celebrate our work, get talking over a delicious three-course meal, and reflect on how far we’ve come this year.

This year’s addition of talks and a poster competition proved a success – bringing together emerging researchers from all disciplinary backgrounds to share their work with the MCR community. Our symposium included a diverse range of topics:

Alan Barbaro, “Spin Doctoring in Silicon Nanostructures”

The weird world of quantum computing explained, and how it could accelerate our development of technology within the next decade.

Georgina Edwards, “Doing Philosophy: How to play a language game”

How reading language philosophy can teach us to think for ourselves and to question the way we define the world.

Frances Watson, “But I Didn’t Know There Was Any Japanese Classical Music”

We learned that there is such a thing as Japanese classical music (and that it can be a fascinatingly experimental and historically pertinent response to Western music).

Juan David Gutiérrez-Rodríguez, “Like an orangutan in a penguin suit: The political economy of oil revenues management in Colombia”

Juan presented his field work and current research into the complex balance of democracy and sub-national governments in Colombia.

Marketa Tomkova, “Cancer, mutations and DNA modifications”

Current research in Oxford is making progress with methods to predict cancer by examining patterns in DNA modifications.

Having all learned something new for the day, we retired for a drinks reception and to view the posters, exhibited by MCR members, which gave us an insight into developing research. For their clarity of presentation and engaging ideas, prizes were awarded to:

1st place: Carla Verdi(prize: dinner with Tutor of Graduates)
2nd place: Luigi Marchese (prize: £20 Amazon voucher)
3rd place: Hege Larsen (prize: MCR garden party ticket)

Over dinner, the Tutor of Graduates congratulated all speakers and exhibitors, commending the quality of academic work by Catz graduate students.

A real sense of pride and community rose from this fruitful fusion of the academic and the social, in an event that was both stimulating and entertaining.

Thanks go out to Lizzie our Academic Officer for organising this fantastic event, and to Ashok Handa for hosting.