Harris Manchester Exchange Dinner

If you don’t have a new year’s resolution yet, why not try hall surfing?

Hilary term kicked off to a great start with the exchange dinner at HMC on Wednesday. Our hosts welcomed us with prosecco, and then wined and dined us with a three-course dinner under wooden beams in the dining hall. Even when we were full we were plied with port, cheese, and even a cheeky drop of Jura whiskey (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jura_distillery).

Conversations flowed from hall into the MCR bar, where an impressive array of novel whiskey glasses was waiting for us. A (relatively) friendly Catz vs. HMC game of pool ensued, ending in a (disappointingly) diplomatic draw.

Over dinner, I was rather touched to hear this from someone sitting opposite three of our crowd:

“You’re all so comfortable together, you look so at ease with each other. You’re almost friends!”

Well, apart from “almost friends”, I think that sums up Catz pretty well 😉

All in all, HMC played their role as hosts excellently. We are looking forward to hosting them this Friday!

[note by the editorial office: please welcome our newest honorary member to the MCR!]

new honorary member