Mad Hatter’s Tea Party at St. Catz!

It was a Saturday – rainy like all Saturdays, but unlike others.

Twinkle twinkle little bat!

     How I wonder what you’re at!

Up above the world you fly!

     Like a tea-tray in the sky

The song, and the smell of home-baked scones and freshly-brewed tea were wafting through the air of St. Catz. And all the curious MCR members who dropped by (with or without their hats), were pleased to see that the MCR had become Wonderland, and tea-time was in progress!

Here are some pictures so that you can see for yourselves, though you won’t believe your eyes…


Tea and biscuit paradise!

‘Eat me’ – ‘No, eat ME!’ shouted the sandwiches and biscuits! Bewildered, the MCR members had to eat everything…

Freshly made scones…baked at 6.30 am!

And weird and wonderful chocolate tea?!

Tea Party: time to catch up…

…try out the teas and cakes…

…and fill the MCR with bubbles!

The winner of the prestigious ‘Best Hat’ title!

(Part of) the organising team; with our Tea and Biscuit Officer, Carey Pike (the most energetic Dormouse Lewis Carroll could imagine), on the lead!

We would like to thank the MCR Committee for their support and enthusiasm, our Tea and Biscuit Officer for the idea and organisation, everyone who helped, and everyone who came! ‘Twas brillig! 🙂