Nosing around Brasenose

Summer has arrived when you see a raspberry merrily fizzing at the bottom of your prosecco glass.

On Tuesday Brasenose played host to 15 Catz MCR members, treating us to a bubbly reception and a four-course dinner in their candle-lit medieval kitchen, tucked away round the corner from the main Hall. One dessert is not enough at David Cameron’s old college, so we were treated to port and ‘second dessert’ in their cellar bar – macaroons, fresh strawberries, Italian biscotti and chocolate.

After dinner, we were taken to the main Hall. Our gaze was directed upwards to the centrepiece at the back of the hall, the royal coat of arms. To its right stands Brasenose’s pride and joy, the ‘Bicorn’ – in all respects your average unicorn, just with a bit extra… I’ll leave it up to your imagination. Let’s just say that it unscrews for when the Queen visits. Clad in chains opposite the rampant English lion, the well-endowed Scottish unicorn stands proud in erect defiance against the old establishment.

Thanks to our fab Social Secretary Florian for arranging this, and to Brasenose MCR for such a delightful evening.