Spooky MCR Pumpkin Carving @ Catz House

(text credits: Serkan Birgel | picture credits: Anna Ventouratou, Beth Larsen)

It was the night before Christmas … wait, no that’s later. It was the day when Catz MCR Men’s football team brushed aside Jesus College MCR 6-0 or 7-0 – the details don’t really matter when it gets to that point. I had decided to check out the pumpkin carving event hosted at Catz House for a number of reasons.


First, I had never been to Catz House before and due to the recent efforts of our MCR members to put Catz House on the map, I thought this would be a perfect way of acquainting myself with the place.


Secondly, I had never really done Halloween properly, never made a real event out of pumpkin carving or dressing up. As I write, I lament a missed the HalloQueen event, though already hoping that I’ll get to do it next year (again). Luckily, I got this murderous couple instead


But I digress. So, I had decided to carve a spooky octopus. A friend of a friend had carved one and displayed it at my house, and I was so impressed by it that I simply had to give it a go. I encountered a scene of pumpkin seeds, black bin liners, and a joyous corpus of MCR members happily carving away.




Replete with bouts of conversation and laughter were moments of solemn concentration in getting one’s pumpkin *just right*.


It took longer than I thought to get the insides out, but the company of Anna, Farrukh, Paulina, Beth and Richard, Yossi and others saw me through.


In the end, there was an array of beautifully decorated pumpkins (large and small) which thankfully made their way to the MCR itself.


But there was one pumpkin that stood out, not to detract of course from the winning pumpkin, but a 7-legged Octopus who sadly fell later to pieces— in transit, though, I maintain!


All in all, the pumpkin carving event was a great success, continuing in the long line of impressive and novel events put on this year by our MCR – On this note, a very special thanks to Beth Larsen and others at Catz House for their fantastic dedication to building the Catz house community!