US Election – Thriller at Catz

(text and pictures by Serkan Birgel)

It was around 3am in the morning as I lumbered into bed with my phone. Traditionally, I check my phone one last time before closing down, but this time I had just wanted to see which way Florida was finally going. I had just come from the warmth and energy of the MCR where Olivia Munk and Naomi Whitbourn organised an event to watch the elections that proved very popular.

In true style, perhaps, there were all manner of American delicacies on offer, with more cheese puffs than one could shake a stick at! A fellow MCR member remarked that she had eaten so many cheese puffs, she could taste what they were *really* made of! The bar had been ceremoniously opened: the edge of course needed to be taken off in this high-stakes election. Oreos, pizzas, and some lovely pumpkin pie made by Roxanna all contributed to a very cosy environment, certainly warmer that the non-stop rain and chill awaiting us outside.

Though at times the event became a bit too boisterous for those on the edge of their political seats, the evening was cocooned in a range of emotion. Numbers dwindled as the night drew on, with the some of the last standing American members of our MCR falling asleep with the murmur of CNN news in the background. (I had just re-linked the speakers from the sound system across the MCR, welcome!).

It’s a solemn morning for most I think; everyone I guess will want to talk about the election. Life advice envelops my newsfeed as we’re told that life goes on, now is a time for unity, we must celebrate another lap around the sun. I guess all we can do in the end however, is see how things go, and take things as they come as we think of a new beginning.