week 0 (Freshers’ week) about to kick-off: WELCOME TO CATZ!!

A warm welcome to all newly arrived Catz: Some of you have been attending the events in the past few days already, some of you are yet to arrive. Oxford Michaelmas Week 0 (aka Fresher’s week) starts tomorrow! (Oxford weeks always start on Sundays). There are a lot of events coming up – On my side, let me specifically emphasize the MUG PAINTING on Wednesday 😛 – and we will do our best to guide you around. Whenever you see people in these red shirts


Not Oxford Blue, bright cherry red.


they are not getting paid to help you, but will still happily ANSWER ALL YOUR QUESTION. The shirts have names printed on them, to slightly lighten an Oxford students’ burden of remembering names. We are looking forward to meeting you 🙂

PS: Just because we can, here’s a comparison with last year’s freshers’ committee shirts!


Yes, we have courage.