Wine & Cheese at New College

“How do you tell the difference between white wine and red wine?”

The (very fast at signing up) Catz crew at New College

A profound question for us all to contemplate as we navigated our precarious way from sobriety to bacchanal bliss.

New College put on quite the spread, with five different cheeses with grapes, figs, and quite literally buckets of wine. Having sampled our way through several bottles, we took a night-time tour of the grounds.

Winding our way through dimly lit passages, past the eerily bright stained glass windows of the chapel, we found our way to the beautiful cloisters where the cast members of Harry Potter once trod.



harry potter quad 1


A big thank you to New College for hosting and to our MCR social team for organising this event – we’re looking forward to seeing what’s in store this week at Catz!

[Photos by Faidra Faitaki.]