MCR Committee Roles

Executive Officers


The two MCR co-presidents lead the MCR committee and coordinate its efforts while also representing the whole MCR community to the College and outside. As such they liaise regularly with the College and voice the interests of the Catz MCR.


The secretary is responsible for scheduling the MCR’s Open Meetings, taking minutes, sending email bulletins, and keeping everything organised.


The treasurer oversees the MCR bank account and manages its finances. They are also responsible for reimbursing any expenditures made for the MCR.

Social Secretaries

The three social secretaries organise MCR community events that serve to bring everyone together for a good time. In the past this included guest dinners, movie nights, garden parties, BOPs for example.

Bar Manager

The Bar Manager is responsible for managing the bar, including managing stock, prices and training of the Bar Officers (volunteers who can open the bar).

IT Officer

The IT Officer is responsible for maintaining the MCR webpage, various mailing lists and liaising with the college in IT-related matters.

Regular Officers

Welfare Officers

The Female, Male and LGBTQIA+ Welfare officers provide support for all MCR members for both physical and mental welfare.

Digital Officer

The Digital Officer regularly updates and posts on MCR social media accounts.

BME Officer

The BME (Black and Minority Ethnics) Officer represents the MCR members belonging to under-represented ethnic groups.

Academic Officer

The Academic Officer is responsible for organising and promoting extracurricular academic events in the MCR.

Sports Officer

The Sports Officer is responsible for encouraging MCR members to get involved with College sports and to improve accessibility and availability of sports equipment.

Merchandise Officer

The Merchandise Officer is responsible for creating and maintaining college branded merchandise (known as ‘stash’) for MCR members.


The OUSU Rep is responsible for explaining and publicising the Oxford University Student Union activities to the members of the MCR and representing the Catz MCR at appropriate OUSU committees.

Environment Officer

The Environmental Officer promotes awareness of environmental and sustainability issues in the MCR.

Catz House Rep

The Catz House Rep is responsible for representing residents of Catz House and liaising with the College with regards to issues affecting them.

Fourth Year Rep

The Fourth Year Rep is a student in their fourth year of undergraduate studies, represents undergraduates in the MCR and promotes collaboration between the MCR and JCR.

Tea and Biscuits Co-Officers

The Tea and Biscuits Officer is responsible for providing a sufficient selection of tea and biscuits to MCR members.

Design and Decoration Secretary

The Design and Decoration Secretary is responsible for the interior design of the MCR and coordinating with other MCR members to decorate for MCR events.