St Catherine’s has a wide range of facilities which are available to ALL students (i.e. both undergraduate and graduate students), including a two-storey 24/7 gym, squash courts and a music house!

Porters’ Lodge

The porters have keys for the music room, the punts and the MCR when it’s locked. They sort and distribute mail, frank letters and sell laundry tokens. They are responsible for opening and locking up College buildings such as the College Library in the mornings and at night. The Lodge is also where you should report disturbances, security problems or reclaim lost items. If you lose your room key (which will cost you £25 to replace – so don’t!), the porter can let you into your room. The Lodge is always open, and there is always an overnight porter on duty in case of emergencies, even during College closure.

College Library

The College Library holds approximately 60,000 books covering most of the subjects taught in College, together with an excellent selection of reference books and a range of journals, newspapers and magazines. We have an impressive collection of books on modern European history from the library of our Founding Master, Lord Bullock; copies of all his works are kept together in the “Bullock Collection”. There is a separate Law Library, housed in the Bernard Sunley building, where law journals and reports are kept.

The library has 105 study desks and carrels, with a computer room and ground floor desks for laptop users, two library terminals for searching the catalogue, and a photocopier in the entrance lobby. There is also an IT room which houses 8 computers (all connected to the internet and University network), laser jet and colour printers, and a scanner. Access to the Library is by Bodleian card only. All of the Library holdings are catalogued on OLIS, Oxford University’s online union library catalogue, which also contains information about the other Oxford University’s libraries. The catalogue can be searched via SOLO.

The Assistant Librarians, who are in charge of the day-to-day running of the Library, work weekdays from 8.00am – 5.30pm. Graduate students are employed to invigilate the Library in the evenings and at the weekends – an opportunity to earn some extra money!

Opening Times:

  • Term Time (0th Week MT – 10th Week TT, excepting college closure periods):
    Monday to Friday: 8 am to midnight.
    Saturday and Sunday: 9 am to midnight.
  • Long Vacations:
    During the long vacation is guaranteed to be open minimum core hours as listed below. On most days, the library will be open additional hours – please see the library website or door notice for details.– Core Hours: Monday to Friday: 10am – 3pm
    – Saturday and Sunday: Closed.

For further information see the Library and IT pages on the College website.

After-Hours Graduate Study Room

For those who have a lot of work after hours or a last minute deadline etc, we have a graduate study room available. This term the details are:

Term Time (1th – 8th week inclusive)
Bernard Sunley building (ask lodge for key and directions)
Every day: 8 pm – 8 am


The Catz MCR bar is the best place for graduates to enjoy a drink and mingle. The bar is open on Friday nights during term time from 8:45 (after the Guest dinner) until 11:30. The bar is also occasionally open on Saturdays and for our amazing termly BOP. The bar is student run by Catz MCR members. If you want to help out at the bar or open the bar for an event, please contact bar manager Max Von Gierke.

Price list

  • Lager: £1.50
  • Ale/Cider: £2
  • Shot: £1.50
  • Single & Mixer: £2
  • Double & Mixer: £2.50
  • Special whiskey 2.5
  • Wine (bottle): £8
  • Juice/Soda: 60p

Computer Rooms

All students at St Catherine’s are provided with an account on the College NetWare servers. This username and password combination allows access to the computers in the Library and Staircase 18 computer room mentioned below; the email room PC’s are open access. All College computers are connected to the internet and University network. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic we have significantly fewer public PCs.

There are three rooms in college equipped with computers for use by students:

  1. Library computer room: This contains 5 PC’s, a colour laser printer, a black and white laser printer and two A4 flatbed colour scanners.
  2. Staircase 18 computer room: Closed indefinitely due to COVID-19.
  3. Email room: Located next to the JCR, this facility contains 5 PC’s.

Opening Times:

Library Computer Room: 8.30 am – 11:55 pm
Staircase 18: Closed indefinitely due to COVID-19
Email room: 8 am – midnight

For more up to date information visit the Library and IT pages of the college website.


The College has a well-equipped gymnasium with two squash courts and free standing weights, weight machines, ergometers (rowing machines), two running machines, a stationary bicycle and a step-machine. Membership is free and all members of the College are eligible.

However, student members who wish to use the gymnasium are required to book and complete a one hour induction course, at a cost of £3.00, no matter how experienced an athlete they may be. To book an induction please go onto UPAY, click on ‘Events’ and select your preferred time among those which are still available. Access to the gymnasium is with bod card only after completion of the induction. Contact Jamie Keats for more information.

The gymnasium is located in a small building just next to Staircase 8. It is divided into two floors, with the weights room and squash courts on the ground floor, and the aerobic machines on the upper floor.

The weights room houses a selection of dumbbells and about half a dozen machines. The squash courts have a booking sheet on the door; if no-one is booked in you can just turn up and play. Both the weights room and the courts tend to be quite empty on weekends.

Lecture Theatres

In addition to the usual seminar and teaching rooms, St Catherine’s has three lecture theatres. The largest of these, the Bernard Sunley Theatre, has a raked auditorium which can seat up to 250 people and is regularly used for plays, concerts and film. The Bernard Sunley Theatre is the venue for the Bullock Event, an annual programme of drama, art and music put on by Catz students every Hilary term.

Catz also has a small outdoor amphitheatre – mostly for use in the summer, for obvious reasons!

Music House

In the south west corner of the College grounds sits a large purpose-built Music house – a striking octagonal building with a harpsicord and Roland Digital and Steinway grand pianos. The house is spacious and can be used for small concerts, or for individual practice. The early afternoon hours are reserved for the College’s music students, but everyone else can book slots using the online booking system.

We often have a termly MCR concert / open mic night where graduates can come along and play some music in front of an informal audience, whether that’s something classical, modern, singing, dancing, duets, bands… anything goes!


We also have 2 college punts! There is more information in the Bookings section.

Rowing Boathouse

The St Catherine’s College Boatclub (SCCBC) has a boathouse at Longbridges on the river Isis, about 10 minutes bike ride from College. In addition to racking space for up to nine VIIIs and our other smaller boats, Catz has its own clubroom with a kitchen, changing rooms, toilets and a shower, and shared use of the boathouse ergometer (rowing machine) room. The gym on the main College site also has two ergometer machines. For more information see the SCCBC website.

Other Facilities

Junior Common Room

Members of the MCR are also members of the JCR (undergraduate common room) by default, and as such can make use of all the facilities provided there. The JCR incorporates a massive bar (the biggest of all the colleges in Oxford), a buttery, two pool tables, table football, darts and the latest arcade games, a TV room with large screen for Sky watching, a quiet area and garden, and a new purpose-built air-conditioned theatre, which can be used for plays, film, or lectures and meetings. Also within the JCR area is a private dining-room.

Laundry and Ironing

There is a laundry room in college with washing machines and tumble driers. These are swipe card activated with your Oxford University card and charge a small amount of under £2 to use each machine. There are irons and ironing boards available free of charge in the ironing room at the bottom of staircase 2 in the main quad of college. You should bring along a cup or something to get water from the bathrooms upstairs if the iron is running low.

Disabled Facilities

St Catherine’s has excellent access and facilities for people with disabilities and/or special needs. The College is mainly built on ground level, and there is easy wheelchair access to all areas, including the Lodge, the General Office, the Dining Hall, the Lecture Theatre, the Library, the MCR, and the whole of the JCR area, including the bar and computer room. The College has twelve ground floor bedrooms, all with ensuite shower rooms, three of which are specially adapted for disabled use. There is also a disabled bathroom with adjacent rooms which could be adapted for use by a disabled person with carers.

St Catherine’s can provide parking spaces for those for whom a car is a necessity, and students with special requirements can have a telephone installed in their room. The College is situated very close to the Science area, for easy access to the laboratories, as well as being very close to the Bodleian Library and most of the Arts Faculties. The College has experienced and willing staff to deal with students’ special needs, and the College has close links with the University Disability Officer to ensure that students get the best advice and the maximum financial assistance available to them.


Rooms, Squash Courts and Punts

All bookings for squash courts, the music room, the Scrivener room and the punts happens via the online booking system.

To make a booking, simply log in using your St. Catz login credentials, and select the times you wish to book any of the above rooms or punts. There is a help section on the site, should you run into problems.

St. Catz Punts conditions of use

The college has assembled a page with the college punts conditions of use.

Air mattress

Having someone stay over for a short visit? The MCR has an air mattress you can borrow for a few nights, please contact Chloe Colson if you want to use it.