Oxford TermTranslation
BattelsYour College bill.
BlueAn honour (colours) for performing well in sport.
BOPA party in college organised by students, often with fancy dress themes.
Boat RaceAn annual event where Oxford and Cambridge compete at rowing on the River Thames in London.
BodcardThis is the term used for your university student card. It allows you to identify yourself in the University, borrow books from the libraries, open doors and pay for items in college.
BursarWe have two. The Home Bursar looks after the day to day running of the College buildings, facilities and personnel. The Finance Bursar looks after the investments and finances.
CherwellBoth a river and a student run newspaper.
CollegeA residential community of scholars within Oxford. We have 39 of them in all.
CroquetA game played by knocking wooden balls through metal wickets with Mallets.
DivisionOne of the four academic groupings of departments within the University
FellowAn academic at the College and typically a member of the College’s Governing Body.
HallThe dining hall where meals are served.
High TableWhere the Fellows, College Lecturers and SCR Members typically dine within College during term-time. Graduate Scholars may dine here once a week and as a graduate student you may dine here once a year.
HilaryThe second (spring) term of the year (abbreviated HT).
JCR/MCR/SCRThe Junior/Middle/Senior Common Room. You are automatically a member of the MCR and JCR as a graduate student at Catz. Fellows of the College are members of the SCR.
Long vacationThe summer break between Trinity Term and Michaelmas Term.
MasterThe Master is the Head of College.
MatriculationThe welcoming ceremony of the University, technically you are not a member of the University until you have attended this.
MichaelmasThe first (Autumn) term of the year (abbreviated MT).
Open MeetingThe MCR hosts at least one of these a term, letting you get involved in the MCR’s activities and making your voice heard.
OUSUThe Oxford University Student Union, a general Student’s Union for the Students of Oxford, generally attempts to look out for your interests University wide. You are member of OUSU regardless of the MCR’s affiliation status.
Oxford StudentBoth a person and a student run newspaper.
PidgeYour pigeon hole is where post is delivered; you have one in the Porters’ Lodge
LodgeThe ‘Reception’ in College (and may also have one in your department). Check often!
PorterA very helpful person who mans the Lodge at each college. Porters deal with enquiries, check guests/students in and out of rooms, issue keys and are the first point of contact if there is a fire alarm or an emergency.
PuntA long flat boat you propel by pushing along the river with a very long stick.
RowingA peculiar sport involving cold weather, water, and a large paddle that is often enjoyed by Oxford Students.
ScafA cheap and quick self-service evening meal served in the hall.
ScoutCollege Cleaning Staff
TrinityThe third (summer) term (abbreviated TT) and a college.
UPayPayment system used in college. You can load credit on your University Card online that can be used to pay for meals in hall, laundry, vending machines and your battels.
VarsityA sports match played against teams from Cambridge University.
Week XOxford operates in 8 week terms (1st to 8th) starting on a Sunday,however we also do 0th, -1th and all the rest.