The MCR is led by a group of student volunteers who spend time in addition to their studies to create best possible experience for Catz’s postgraduate community. Here you can read all about the current committee members, their roles and how to contact them.


Lucy Bartel


Sam Atwal


Felice Wallner


Benjamin Wagenvoort


Dorothy Chirwa

Social Secretary

Jeremy Sontchi

Social Secretary

Ilayda Karadag

Social Secretary

Anthony Rajecki-Doyle

Bar Manager

Hashan Punchihewa

IT Officer


Male Welfare Officer

Arunima Cheruvathoor

Female Welfare Officer

Indiana Sobol

Welfare & LGBTQIA+ Officer

Tomajin Morikawa

Academic Officer

Sophie Weeden

Merchandise Officer

Joey Grostern

Environment Officer

Pit Lee

Sports Officer

Anthony Rajecki-Doyle

Catz House Rep


4th Year Rep

Jialing Chen

Tea and Biscuits Officer


BME Officer



Past Presidents

2020-2021: Chloe Cholson & Isavella Vouza
2019-2020: Vivek Kothari (H19-M19) & Chloe Colson (M19-) & Henrique Aguiar (M19-M20)
2018-2019: Nantas Nardeli (M18-H19) & Mireia Garcés de Marcilla Musté (M18-T19)
2017-2018: Luke Chiverton & Eduardo Chazan & Akshay Dalal
2016-2017: William Beuckelaers & Julian Malisano
2015-2016: Elizabeth Smethurst & Peter Forsyth
2014-2015: Stephanie Oerum & Martin Garthwaite
2013-2014: Linda Geaves & Wojciech Kozlowski
2012-2013: Linda Geaves & Renzo Corrias
2011-2012: Marc Curtis & James Anderson
2010-2011: Christoph Haase & Theresa Kevorkian
2009-2010: Ben Britton & Christina Fuhr
2008-2009: Christina Fuhr, Roham Alvandi (T08) & Ben Britton (M08-H09)
2007-2008: Tomasz Mazur, Amrit Lota (T07-M07) & Trudi Cloyd (M07-H08)
2006-2007: Ralf Schneider & Michael Pekris
2005-2006: Christian Toennesen & Mathias Rufino
2004-2005: Avital Livny & Lauren McGuirl
2003-2004: David Wahl
2002-2003: Tom Finbow
2001-2002: Will Mullholland
2000-2001: Edmund Neil (T00-M00) & Dev Gangjee (H01)

Official Documents

Constitution: PDF

The Constitution is the main document laying out the rights and duties of MCR members and the MCR Committee within the common room. It includes sections on membership, the committee, Open Meetings and all other information pertaining to democratic life in the MCR.

Guest Dinner Sign-Up Rules: PDF

This document formally states the rules regarding sign up for the weekly Guest Dinners for reference of MCR members.

Graduate Academic Absence Sheet: PDF

The College will consider applications for a rebate of the nightly charge for graduates resident in College for periods spent attending conferences or on field research during the Christmas and Easter vacations. It should be returned to bursar@stcatz.ox.ac.uk.

Open Meeting Minutes: Link

Open meetings are the place where MCR members can express their opinion on, and determine the future running of the MCR. The minutes are the summary of these meetings including major decisions.