Catz dinosaur!

CATZ MCR Photography Competition 2017

This year, the Catz MCR is pleased to present an inaugural Christmas photography competition to highlight the theme of ‘Diversity in the Catz Community’.

The primary objective of this is to showcase the spirit of tolerance and appreciation of diversity in our Oxford community, which is a topic that has received much bad press recently.

So get your … Read more →

MCR Charity Auction

This year’s MCR Charity Auction will take place this coming Friday, 3rd March, 9PM in the MCR. It’s a fantastic event, and a heated auction, with sufficient Port and Cheese for everyone. We hope to see you there!

Catz NOCTURNAL Bop – the Review

Three times per academic year St Catz MCR is organising a BOP (see here for terminology). Just to be clear – this is a Graduate event! So you would be wrongly expecting anything like a wild high school/college fraternity party as depicted in most internationally successful US American movie productions. In fact, usually, you are more supposed to … Read more →